Agabus Gh urged locally owned companies to support the entertainment sector

Cocoacity hiplife artiste Agabus Gh has called on locally owned companies to support the entertainment industry in the Western North Region.

Cultivating a sustainable and dynamic art market in Ghana means that there has to be a long-term investment and deliberate connections between the government, cultural institutions, the private sector, artists and communities.

By working together, Ghana’s cultural assets can be identified and maximized to greatly increase economic and social benefits, including higher capital spending, property values, educational resources, job creation, increased retail activity, tourism numbers, international visibility, cultural content production, community ownership and cohesion.

The Founder and CEO of 2Stars Music, Agabus Gh, said the tourism and entertainment sector plays a vital role in the country’s economy.

“People must understand that when you promote the Creative Arts, Tourism and Culture, you are supporting the stability of the country,” he told Waxmiliean.

“A lot of agitations we’ve had in the political space had come at a time when the entertainment sector was silenced. When we were stopped from organising stage events due to the pandemic, people began to entertain themselves with agitations,” he said.

Acknowledging that some of these businesses have also been affected by the pandemic, Agabus asked them to “squeeze” themselves a little to support the arts and cultural industry.


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