Aiyinasi-Menzezor road in Ellembelle caves in after heavy downpour

The road network linking Nzema Aiyinasi and Menzezor in the Ellembelle District of the Western region has caved in after a heavy downpour about 11 pm on Friday.

The incident led to the blockage of the road to Nzema Aiyinasi and Menzezor, leaving commuters stranded.

A vehicle heading towards Jomoro from Takoradi was trapped in the disaster and fell into a pit.

Some residents describe the situation as unfortunate and attributed it to the rampant dumping of refuse in a culvert attached to the road.

In an interview with the media, the Ellembelle District NADMO Coordinator, Mr. Bright Erzan, described the situation as unprecedented.

According to Mr Erzan, his outfit has been trying to remove the trapped vehicle, but all efforts have been unsuccessful.

He is, therefore, appealing for help for the vehicle to be towed.

Mr. Bright Erzan took the opportunity to appeal to the Ministry of Roads and Highways to as a matter of urgency reconstruct the broken road.

“As a District, we cannot reconstruct this road, this is a national issue, and we are appealing to the Central Government to quickly come and fix the road for us,” he pleaded.

He advised residents at Nzema Aiyinasi to stop dumping refuse into any gutter to cause future disasters.

Source: Ghanaweb

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