Are we not demons of our making? Farhan asks Western North

Western North Region Music Festival ’19 is ready……

Western North Region after gaining political independence from Western Region has boosted the unemployed youth in the Region who are very hopeful that their burdens will be lifted.

Sole proprietors were very vibrant during the Referendum because they knew the benefits it comes along with and I believe things will be more stabilized now that we have our Region with Sefwi Wiawso being the Capital.  This has brought joy and relief to the indigenes irrespective of their political affiliations. Western North consists of two main tribes (Sefwis and Brosas).

I believe we will all benefit equally in the coming years aiding in National growth and development. Entertainment is very essential in all aspects of our daily lives. Most of the youth in our part of the Nation engage in Music as a profession which I am proud to say is doing very well.

Almost every artiste in the region has got a great following and it gives me a sound sleep when I think about how they are holding the Region down. Good music breaks the language barrier. I remember when Kwabena Lyta won the best Hiplife Song of the Year ’19 at Western Region Music Awards.

There was joy all amongst other artists in the Region because they know it can and could be them anytime, anywhere. And it is lovely how our people keep supporting their fellow artists.

After my analysis, I have got to know and understand that the Western North Entertainment Committee tends to ridicule and downgrade our artists who have worked tirelessly aiding in the acquiring of the Region and it baffles me.

Kwabena Lyta personally recorded “Fr3 Yie” which was the talk of the Region on almost all the Radio Stations and Osaberima did the same which motivated people to get more interested to vote.

One thing that brings my spirit down is when it comes to appreciating the efforts of our Artistes when it comes to the organization of Western North programmes as a whole. We saw Kofi B headlining a Western North appreciation concert and our artistes were left out like none of them exist.

Most at times, I get emotional when talking about such stuff. Some of the organizers will even disrespect you when they are approached. This is disheartening.

We complained bitterly about this issue and we thought it was just an oversight. I just came across a flyer indicating a programme organised by Western North Region which has loads of programmes on it which is something we have all prayed for but it is absurd when it tends to ridicule we the natives.

How can you organise an “Aseda Festival”, inviting KK Fosu, Ofori Amponsah, Bless and Kwesi Pee, who are going to charge a hefty amount and waste our monies whilst randomly adding our respected artistes without even prompting them nor showing any respect to their brands and as well as acknowledging their efforts.

They think we are so cheap to the extent that we do not know our left from right. Most of our Radio Stations do not even care about these things though they know what is going on even more than we do. Are we not demons of our making? “Celebrating Western North Region and Promoting Local Tourism” is the theme for this particular occasion and I still cannot decipher it.

Maybe they have different thoughts. I stand to be corrected but if this is how artistes in our Region are going to be disrespected then are future looks “bright”. Are the organizers not ashamed to showcase or sell the images of our artists?

Are Bless, Kwesi Pee, Ofori Amponsah and KK Fosu better than Osaberima, Kwabena Lyta, Kojo Flash, Akingdick, OneRep Afrika, Kojo Luda, Brizzle Pounds, Kwabena Currency, Brizzle Pounds, Ananse Tac, King Virgin, Kente Marley, etc? I think they are more into the Old School and even with that, we have Adu Kwasi, Sister Lydia, Bob Marley, Kofi Sekyere, Show Boy, etc.

We complained bitterly about how Takoradi was treating us but our people are even worse and we need explanations from the organizers in our Regional Organization Committee.


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