Home News Audio: E-Levy is a lazy man’s Job – MP lashes

Audio: E-Levy is a lazy man’s Job – MP lashes

Audio: E-Levy is a lazy man’s Job – MP lashes

The Member of Parliament for the Bia West constituency, Dr. Augustine Tawiah, has rendered the most controversial proposed tax, e-levy, which is pending approval as a “lazy man’s job”.

The MP, speaking his thought on the proposed tax in an interview with Vision Fm in Debiso, has described the initiative as one which would rather affect the poor in the country.

According to him, it will negatively have a massive impact on the poor citizenry that would intensify the hardship in the country.

Dr. Tawiah explained that the high patronage of mobile money transactions is a result of sending money to relatives in the rural and deprived areas where transport is a problem but not as a result of the profits made from businesses as projected.

“Although everyone needs to pay tax but the e-levy is a lazy man’s job and we the minority are highly against it. This is because it would rather make the poor poorer,” He said.

“This government has realized that many people do not pay tax for the income they make from their businesses, and it is right to let such people pay income taxes, but this is not the right thing. And, so the government should find an appropriate measure as a solution to the problem.” He added.

Furthermore, he urged the President to ignore the e-levy to ensure peace in the parliament house and the country, although, he didn’t involve himself in the parliament brawl.


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