Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Audio: Pastor makes away with Ghc 40,000 after setting woman ablaze

Pastor of Mega Word Chapel International in Enchi, Kenneth Mensah, has made away Ghc 40,000 from Rosemond Tandoh in Kwasibokro, a suburb of Asankragwa in the Western Region.

Pastor Kenneth Mensah, after abducting a sum of Ghc 40,000 from Rosemond Tandoh set her ablaze on Wednesday, January 12 but was later rescued. 

Joana Asare, who narrated the incident to the media, said the pastor, who was once a classmate to her elder brother, paid a visit to them about three months ago and became a friend to the family.


The pastor, on his first visit, built a good relationship with Rosemond, who had returned from Dubai some months ago but was on the verge of traveling to the United Kingdom (UK).

The family, after an agreement, gave Rosemond Ghc40,000 to support her journey after they had sold a stall room which was a property of the family. 

Upon knowing about her plans and the money, the Pastor told Rosemond to perform some special incantations (Akwankry3) to aid her travel because her elder sister, Rebecca Amoafo, had witchcraft that would distract her trip.


He then paid Rosemond a visit on Monday, January 10, 2022, to assign her the special incantations ‘akwankyer3’ they had discussed to help solve the spiritual issue.

Pastor Kenneth Mensah slept at her residence at ‘Kwesibokro’ on the night of Wednesday, January 12, 2022. He asked her to recite some words on the money and also gave her some concoctions to drink.

Hours after Rosemond dozing off, Pastor Kenneth Mensah locked the door and set the house ablaze after he had secured the Ghc40,000 he had directed her to put under her mattress.


Fortunately for Rosemond, rescuers came to her aid on time and she was saved.

In an interview with the Asankragwa Divisional Commander of Police, Chief Superintendent Nana Kumi said the attention of the Police has been drawn and they are working to apprehend the said suspect. “The issue has been reported to the police, but the pastor in question, Kenneth Mensah, has run away and is on a manhunt”. He said.

“We have put his pictures and the name of the church into the public domain and we are asking people to help us arrest him,” He added.


Meanwhile, the Divisional Police Command has declared Pastor Kenneth Mensah wanted and currently on a manhunt.

Chief Superintendent Nana Kumi, therefore, urged all to be very vigilant and careful with pastors of today and asked everyone to immediately draw the attention of the police to any suspicious foul means of any pastor.