Call Mugabe Maase to order – Youth Activist to National Peace Council

Mr. Thomas Ohene Ntow, a Youth Activist and also Leader for Concern Youth of Juaboso in the Western North region has beseeched the National Peace Council and other Civil Societies to bring self-claimed journalist, Mugabe Maase of Power FM to order base on his unprofessional utterances on the president and some government officials. 

According to Ohene Ntow, the National Peace Council and civil society organizations must with no delay call Mugabe Maase to order for unprofessionalism of journalism practice in the country. 

Mugabe Maase has been heard on several platforms attacking President Akufo Addo and other government officials, raining insults on the president and making unsubstantiated allegations. 

“Ghana as we always say is a peaceful country but the attitude of Mugabe Maase on the radio can cause chaos” he reiterated. 

“Maase can go to the streets and campaign for his preferred presidential candidate, that’s his freedom of association but to rain insults on the president and other government officials on airwaves is unacceptable. The kind of journalism practiced by Mugabe Maase is questionable because he keeps on insulting the president on power fm on his show “INSIDE POLITICS”

“I am therefore appealing to the National Peace Council and civil societies to call Mugabe Maase to order. Sometimes it is very disgusting listening to Mugabe Maase on power fm raining insults on the president and other government officials. 

The attitude of Mugabe Maase to create unnecessary tension on the airwaves before this general election cannot be tolerated and he should be called to order”.

Mr. Thomas Ohene Ntow also appealed to leaders of Ghana Journalists Association to drill the journalism code of ethics into his mind.

“I am also bringing it to the notice of Ghana Journalist Association to call their member to order and enforce their code of ethics”.

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