CGML, GBC & Mensin Gold Bibiani Ltd sideline gov’t on COVID-19 fight – journalist alarming

Veteran Journalist Daniel Akwasi Nuako has questioned the mining companies in Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality over deaf ears turn on the government fight against Corona Virus pandemic.

Individuals and other cooperate entities are doing their best to support the government in cash and materials but he feels none of these efforts has been shown by these companies.

Undoubtedly, Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai is the richest Constituency in Ghana when it comes to natural resources. This area can boast of three mining companies, namely Chirano Goldmines Limited, Ghana Bauxite Company Limited and Mensin Gold Bibiani Limited.

Mr. Nuako is worried about how these outfit has left the Municipality at this hard times of human life.

Again, he asked that what effort has Cocoa buying companies, sawmill operators and timber firms operating in the Municipality are also doing to support the government effort in the fight against the COVID-19.

Daniel Akwasi Nuako made it known when he posted on a Whatsapp platform.

“What is the management of these mining companies operating within the Bibiani-Anhwaiso-Bekwai Municipality, Chirano, Mensin Gold Mines Limited and Awaso Bauxite, Cocoa buying companies, timber firms, sawmill operators are also doing to support the government effort in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic in the municipality?”

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