Covid-19, A blessing in disguise-student shockingly reveals

To the level of accruement of the deadly novel CONVID-19 pandemic, some University students who are bigoted of the fact that going to school every day and burning the midnight oils especially when tests are approaching are encumbrances to their day to day activities and also boredom to their disguise.

According to them, they are certainly of the view that working laboriously and perfecting their entire lifestyle schooling sometimes leave them with no option rather than demanding a space to rest from their relenting agilities.

In an exclusive interview on GhEvent TV on a show called “MY HEALTH MY CARE” said this pandemic has been perplexing the general public from all hooks and crannies in every facet of the world and also debilitating their minds.

They have the perception or ideology that every negative part of something grievous either happenstance or option there is a little to be precise enjoyment they are seen to their preference as a derivative.

Whilst this pandemic is been accorded or seen as a massacre or Carnage throughout the global world by some gentries or plenipotentiary, others who are much particular about enjoyment are of the full conviction that it is to their detriment in the positive side of the coin. These students are preposterous of the minute fleeting pleasures they will obtain from the endless passions.

The mind-blogging question is that if students of Universities of which schooling is more or less like been at their comfort life which is exuberant of the fact that they are not attending lectures how more the S.H.S students who they consider being in school is seemingly incarcerated?.

Notwithstanding, this short-lived blissfulness, a lot of students are concerned about how they are going to further their education? How are they going to learn or study at their abode? And many other aftermaths caused by the deadly CONVID-19 pandemic. The world is in its shambles moment now!!!

Watch the interview below

Source :GhEvent Tv

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