Drop the politicians – Odeneho writes

It will be of great interest to the public if radio stations invite Doctors, Chiefs, Pastors, psychologists, and Public Health Professionals to discuss how the government is handling the novel COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana.

At least the Pastor will speak positively and encourage the listeners based on the word of God and the Psychologist will prepare the minds of those who seem to have harbor fear and depressed because of this virus.

My respected colleagues in the media, please read your GJA code of ethics and reflect on point 2 which reads “In collecting and disseminating information, the journalist should bear in mind his/her responsibility to the public at large and the various interest in Society”

This is the time radio stations should factor their listeners in the topics and category of panel members they choose for discussions on their various morning and political shows.

Politicians are just causing fear and panic in the airwaves drop them and resort to Pastors, Psychologist, Doctors, Public Health Professionals, and Chiefs when it comes to issues relating to COVID-19. At this point what radio stations should be doing is to educate their listeners in these hard times.

Politicians will always turn the table to their favor whenever and wherever they get the Doctors and Public Health Officials twill educate the public on how to prevent the spread and also stay safe from COVID-19 than those politicians who are causing fear and panic in the airwaves.

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