Inadequate of desk forces pupils to sit on the floor

Tikobo D/A primary school in the Bodi District of the Western North Region has celebrated its first Speech and Prize Giving Day at Sefwi Tikobo.

It’s was the first celebration in the Bodi district after been created from Sefwi Juaboso district in 2012.

The event called for many dignitaries within the district, Nana Timothy Donkor (chief of Tikobo), Mr. Samuel Chebure-Director of supervision and monitoring of Bodi District Assembly, Mr. David Ohene-Circuit Supervisor of Patakro and among others.

The pupils also showcased their excellence in drama, cadet display, poem recitations, choreography, and their contemporary dance. The community is known to be Ewes.

The headteacher, Mr. Philip Oteng Annor in his speech said, the school was established in 1976 (43years).  He revealed that in fulfillment of the school’s vision of creating equal opportunity and providing quality education for all people in school-going age, Tikobo D/A primary has nurtured many individuals in the community and the country at large.

He further added that the achievements of the school are also enviable and better as compared to others.

“Despite all the prolific achievements, the school has challenges that are urgently needed to be addressed.” Oteng told

Pupils usually sit on the floor during teaching and learning activities in the classrooms due to inadequate desks, tables, and chairs. Lack of teachers for kindergarten, bad classroom block for lower and upper primary, dusty classrooms, and bad wooden blackboards which make learning difficult.”

The headteacher, Mr. Philip Oteng Annor appealed to the government and NGOs for their support.

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