Let project our own- Odeneho Percy writes

In the next 3 hours, my pen will be busy on the answer sheet pouring it down to Research Methods but let me pause refreshing and add my voice to the treatment given to Artistes from Western North.

I will not talk about Mr. Osei Korankye, Nana Manu, Atta Bright, Kwame Frimpong et al but I will talk about Noble Adu Kwasi, the “Akwankwaa Hiani” hitmaker, recognised nationwide by his “Ɔman yi bɛyɛ yie” Song.

A song sung in 1980’s yet it is a hit song in the 21st Century.

I chanced on a poster for the upcoming Aseda Kɛsie in Western North though it has no Venue, one of the defects of the Planning Committee Members in charge of that particular event. 

Kwesi Pee, Ofori Amponsah, Bless and KK Fosu are the Headline Artistes neglecting our own Artistes from Western North.

Ghanaians are projecting Local Products yet those from Western North are still importing from the Western World. Yes! I can’t dictate for the Event Organisers, they might have their Reservations in their Audience Analysis and Targeting but it would have been prudent enough to bill our own NOBLE ADU KWASI, OSEI KORANKYE who welcomed the President onto the podium when he was issuing to us the CI to create Western North Region at the Jubilee house.

It is very sad we have neglected these people today and opted for KK Fosu et al.

NOBLE ADU KWASI you are a LEGEND and the Youths in Western North are proud of you.



Let Project our own.


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