Meet the 19-year-old student Doctor who plans to rescue lives in Western North

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Margaret Armah, a 19-year-old who has gained admission into the University of Cape Coast Biomedical School, hold numerous plans to help rescue the lives of the needy in the Western North region.  

Maggie hails from Sefwi Wiawso, the Western North Regional Capital. She is bold, intelligent, beautiful, and a true African young lady.

Margaret Armah, although young but very intelligent, has the weakness of compassion towards others in need. She has severally been known to give aid to such persons. 

It was on one of her humanitarian endeavours that she met an individual who was incapacitated due to a blood-related disease, diabetes and was living his last moments and a family of 7 children who will later become orphans. 

She was driving with compassion and earnest zeal to make people aware of the harmful effect of Diabetes and hypertension. 

Maggie is in the process of organising region-wide diabetes and hypertension sensitization program which will provide free testing for the elderly and shed more light on the preventive measures that can in most cases eliminate the risk of diabetes and hypertension.

Other projects include building a recreational centre in the Sefwi zone to spread cheer among kids who need to be motivated to take up higher and more influential roles in society. 

Her passion would become the stepping stone for millions of young hearts to follow and make the development of the Western North region their prime objective. 

She also plans on putting together a diverse culture of people whose sole responsibility is to inform and educate the people of Sefwi on ignoring social vices and taking up more acceptable behaviours while not compromising of the culture and traditions of the people.

As a bright and shining beacon of change, Maggie seeks to create a healthy environment where individuals can live up to their potential and influence the lives of others around them as well. She seeks to do so by engaging various stakeholders, NGOs and political leaders for funding and guidance on how to make yesterday’s dream a reality today. 

The first step to achieving this is by gaining the biggest platform in the region, by winning the Miss Western North crown to spread her message to all within her reach. 

Let vote massively for Maggie to help to rescue the lives of the needy in our region before someone you know falls prey to these deadly illnesses.

Vote Maggie as Miss Western North queen on *447*992# and use nominee code “wn3”. voting ends on 20th December at 5 pm. There is no limit in the voting process, so vote massively to keep Maggie in the contest. 


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