My people planned evil against me to the point of wishing me dead- NDC Communication Officer

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The Bia West Constituency Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress, Hon. Isaiah Kwarteng has emotionally expressed worry about how his people plotted to turn against him despite his sacrificial manner.

An investigation conducted disclosed that a section of people in Adjoafua Community has planned evil against him to the point of wishing him dead and that hatred has also traveled down into his marital affairs for no reason. 

Hon. Isaiah Kwarteng is native of Sefwi Adjoafua in the Bia West Constituency of the Western North Region.

He is a lecturer at the Bia Lamplighter College of Education and former District Football Association Chairman for Bia West and Bia East.

In his capacity as a loyal citizen, he helped the establishment of Adjoafua Senior High, Adjoafua Community Bye-Laws and also played a key role in the setup of the Cocoa Health and Extension Division (CODAPEC) in his community.

Hon. Isaiah Kwarteng formed a second division football club and named it after his community, Adjoafua (Adjoafuaman Football Club) in 2014. Again, he has set up a private school to train kids and this has served as employment for the youth.

All this effort has yielded nothing but hatred. He made it known when he posted on a Whatsapp platform.

Below is his statement

I did my best as a young guy to help my people. I started as a teenager and served my people with all humility and Handwork when I was not given any community position. I became the headmaster for my former school, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the school and laid foundation blocks for a new building.

I organized the inter-schools quiz competition without any meaningful sponsorship for my people. I took students out and nurtured some of them. I wrote a science book so my people and young ones could gain knowledge.

I played the lead role in establishing senior high for my people and my community. I formed a division two club and named it after the community as Adjoafuaman fc just to market my community to the outside world.

I brought big teams like Berekum Chelsea, Aduana Stars, Berekum Arsenal, etc to Adjoafua. I qualified the team to the super middle league for two consecutive times, played MTN FA cup and even won international trophy all in the name of projecting my community.

But my people hate me with impunity. Why? I played a key role in establishing the cocoa health and extension division (Codapec) in my community. I wrote by-laws for my community to guide the actions of my people.

I established a private school to train the kids the same way other schools do elsewhere but my people still don’t appreciate it. They say a lot of evil things against me, they tell palpable lies about me, they hate me like any other.

I didn’t want to accept the fact that my people hate me until I had a call from someone who was part of a meeting to plan evil against me to the point of wishing my dead.

Don’t worry guys, I will leave in no time and u will remember me one day, Adjoafua people will miss someone like me. The hatred has traveled down into my marital affairs, don’t judge me for writing this, I know the reason.

I am sick and tired of living with my people. The time is on the pipeline for me to go. I have lived as a strong young guy but posterity will judge us all and karma will surely take its course. I will soon communicate with my next intention soon.

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