My true supporters will not betray me in this trying moment – Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai MP writes

We all started when there was the need for me to contest as a Member of Parliament. I shared my vision for the people of the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai constituency and the Western North Region as a whole.

Most of the people who heard the vision followed me in the same way as the disciples followed Jesus Christ. The message spread throughout the constituency and the region and many people supported the vision.

We continued preaching the message which touches on our history, our recognition in the country and what could be done to rise above it.

The deliberate attempt by our own people to pull anybody trying to rise in life down for no reason apart from hatred and dislike of our own being successful was mentioned and its consequences well explained. How can this be changed is one of the major tasks for me and my team to achieve before leaving the scene.

The best way to achieve this is to ensure that many people in our constituency are changed psychologically to direct their lives towards prosperity. When people begin to think about how to prosper, they admire successful people and will not pull them down. The genesis of prosperity is the mindset.

I decided to work on this ethnic destruction with the help of my team. But as you know what happened to Jesus Christ our Saviour, he went through trials all because he was there for humanity.

It is therefore not a surprise to face stiff opposition by society when you mean well especially when your actions and inactions seek to correct culture that had a negative impact on many people for the benefit of a few.

What I knew we were going to encounter was experienced not too long when we started, but God made it possible to overcome most of the challenges.

Brethren, I am still going through trials and you should stand firmly behind me at this moment that I need you most to show me love and remember me in prayers.

This is the time my true supporters will emerge and stand strongly by me while others fall out and betray me.

However, though the journey is rough and turbulent with God on our side, we shall succeed when we exercise patience, when we show love and when we show loyalty to the team.

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