Our leaders from both NPP & NDC are bundle of disappointment- Activist writes

Kissi Victor Rufus.

Politics! Politics!! Politics!!!

I fear for this country. Elsewhere countries are blessed by the political parties that lead them. But the same cannot be said in Africa, more especially Ghana. Ghana is rather cursed under NPP and NDC.

Politics of vindictiveness is all we see whenever one of them is in power. Ghanaians deserve better. Can’t we reason for a moment as one people with one common destiny?

What’s wrong with our psyche? Can’t we forge ahead and forget about the past? Our leaders from both parties are bundle of disappointment. They should bow down their heads in shame.

A country endowed with all the natural resources yet family struggles to put food on the table. All because of a petty squabble among people who are supposed to know better.

Whilst other countries are planning to build spaceships to explore and create comfortable lives for their people, we are here planning diabolically how to unseat our successors. For once let’s set our priorities right and relegate the useless politics to the background.

There is huge infrastructure deficit on our hands. Instead of us expound how to move this country forward, we are rather throwing tantrum at each other as if we’re people without vision and mission.

Wherever God looks at the direction of Africa, he feels sorry for wasting his materials for creating some African leaders. Visits to our schools and hospitals should remind us that we have a lot to do with our precious time.

Most hospitals and schools in 21st century Ghana lack most basic facilities. Other places do not have them at all. Yet the so-called leaders will not see the need to discuss ideas that would push this country forward.

At their leadership meetings, they use 90% of their time to plan diabolical ways and means. And use the 10% to pretend to discuss the needs of the country.

 Now tell me, if we have leaders like these leading a country, how can we prosper as a nation.

Even though there’s a saying that a fish rots from the head. Sometimes the rest of the body must resist and refuse to rot along with the head. We the people too must reason and be bold to tell our wayward leaders that enough is enough. The country does not belong to them and their families.

How can a reasonable person follow a leader who is going wayward all in the name of politics? We must purge ourselves of these stupidities as a people. Our forefathers who had no advantage of technology did better than us. They built resilient economies. But today with all our learning, acquired knowledge and technology, we’re retrogressing at an unprecedented rate. All because both the head and the body have rotten beyond recognition.

Fellow Ghanaians, let’s reflect deeply on our deeds and change our mindsets and attitudes towards this country. For posterity will not forgive us if we fail to build a very prosperous nation.

For this toxic politics won’t take us anywhere. Remember, we must do politics with our heads but not our hearts. Until then we must start looking for investors to buy this country and put it to good use.

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