Residents of Subiri spit fire over abandoned network mast

The Natives of Sefwi Subri in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality of the Western North region have spat fire over abandoned network mast erected by the Member of Parliament, Hon, Alfred Obeng Boateng, before the 2020 polls.

The aggrieved residents voiced their attention to the press in a conversation.

They asserted that network connectivity has grown into a principal demand of the people of the community.

However, they mentioned extreme apprehension over the negligent practices of the government towards them.

‘‘We have been dropped behind, network connectivity has turned into our big demand, the MP, Hon, Alfred Obeng Boateng started setting up the mast some moments to the polls but it has become a white elephant after the elections, we are referring to the government to get to our aid, ’’ they added.

In complement to the narrative, some students explained to this portal that they find it hard to study online because of the weak network connectivity.

‘‘The system is not encouraging, we cannot read or do anything online, we assumed it a tremendous honour to reason with the authorities to deliver to our plea’’.

‘‘We evoke that the feeblest variety of the network connectivity has affected health care in the neighbourhood’’.

‘‘Sometimes, we find it extremely terrible to link up with other health resources for relief when we desire it, the complication is incredibly intense, and we require cooperation from the government’’, an attendant offered.


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