SML: Western RFA chairman planned to get Western North teams eliminated – Adjoafuaman Fc CEO alleges

Isaiah Kwarteng, the Chief Executive Officer of Division Two side Adjoafuaman Fc, has accused the Western Regional Football Association Chairman of their failure to progress to the semifinals of the just ended Super Middle League.

He alleged that the RFA Chairman, Simon Ehomah, planned to clear out the Division Two clubs from Western North Region.

The former Bia West District Football Association Chairman, in a press release, said; “Among the eight teams, Adjoafuaman FC was the only club that travelled about 13 hours to the venue and yet had to play the first game against Chairman Ehomah’s Holy Stars at 9 am,”

“Unfortunately for Adjoafuaman FC, due to financial constraints, the team got to Aiyinase around 12:35 am without getting access to the AstroTurf, which is another reason why my boys couldn’t endure that much with boots and slipping here and there,”

“Fatigue caused us a lot. It also contributed to the agenda of the RFA chairman to bully us for his club to reach the semifinals,” he added.

Isaiah Kwarteng feels his side and their regional counterpart, Nkwanta United, should have been given time to rest.

“So you now understand my point, Nkwantaman, another team from far away, though got there a day before, had to play the second game while club’s closer could have at least played to give us some rest, but these were just mafia work done by the RFA Chairman and his cohorts to pursue their agenda,”

“Even if two of us had qualified, we would still meet each other in the semifinal, which is wrong, same as IX Wise and Bis Paradise, but Chairman’s Holy Stars and Islamicans from almost the same town (zone) would have never met in the semis until finals,” he emphasized.

Isaiah Kwarteng stated that clubs from Western North Region have constantly been intimated at the super middle league, been called all sorts of names, especially, Aiyinase based fans.

“The usual intimidation and racial chanting of ‘ Afuom fo, cocoa na modua and not football, were words from the Aiyinase based fans,”

“I can’t blame referees much except some deliberately offside initiated by the lines, which are normal because of how the offside rule is interpreted,”

He stated that the Western North Region should never participate in any division football with the southern zone since they don’t respect us and have never given us the fair opportunity to battle for the slot.

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