We will not sit down for criminals to take over the region – Acting Police Commander

The rate of crime reports in regions that share landscape with Western north have compelled the regional police personnels to embark on a walk.

This is to strengthen their muscle to face criminals. Adding they will not stay aloof for criminals to take over as witnessing in other regions.
Wait for cue

Criminal reports as it is growing in other regions recently especially Western and Central regions, the Western North Regional Police Command has embarked on a walk to strengthen their muscle should in any case would fight against criminal activity.

The walk was led by the Acting Regional Police Commander, DCOP Ernest Kirk Akrasi Mensah and other departments of the police service in the region.

DCOP Akrasi Mensah speaking to the press said, the police service will not sit down idle for criminals to take over the region as it is happening in other regions.

Therefore, to counter any security threat or crime the personnel need strength both physical and intellectual capabilities hence this walk or route march.

He again warned any group that has planned to undertake any criminal activity to desist from it because the command is on high alert and clamp down on them.

They began the route march from Sefwi Tanoso, Divisional Quarters to Susumenete in Sefwi Wiawso municipality.

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