We won’t allow Ivorians to register- Western North NPP to NDC

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Author: Boah Augustine.


The Western North Region branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said they will not allow Ivorians to participate in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

Addressing the press at a conference, the NPP Regional Communication Director, Felix Foster Ackah, said the region has nine districts, and out of these five districts share borders with Ivory Coast.

Foster disclosed that with their intelligence gathered at the Regional level, the NDC notwithstanding campaigning against the compilation of the new register has plans to still infiltrate the new registers with foreigners from our neighboring country even in the face of COVID-19.

He alleged that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has paid agents to transport Ivorians through unapproved routes such as Sewum Niwuenti, Bongoso, Boinso, Motoso, Akaatiso, Pillar 34, Tepakrom, Brebre, Plywood, Ahimakrom, Africa, Toryafie, Gyato, and many others.

According to Foster Ackah, NPP shall resist any diabolic attempt by the NDC to infiltrate electoral roll, with foreigners whether within or outside.

Below is the full statement


DATE:29TH June, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, fellow Patriots, good afternoon and welcome to our press conference. We are grateful to you for honouring our short invitation to this press conference and availing yourselves for the Party to speak through you to the good people of Ghana on some critical issues pertaining to the upcoming voters registration exercises in the Western North Region.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you are already aware, the Electoral Commission(EC) will commence the compilation of a new credible voters register tomorrow. It is worthy to note that the New Patriotic Party has always been on the forefront of the fight for a more credible voter roll and has supported all such electoral reforms in Ghana since 1992.

For emphasis, the NPP supported the compilation of a voters register in 1992 and pushed for the merger of the presidential and parliamentary elections by boycotting the December 1992 parliamentary elections. Again, the New Patriotic Party pushed for a more transparent and independent body (electoral commission) to replace the then INEC. The opaque boxes used in the 1992 general elections were also abandoned for a more transparent boxes through the effort of the NPP.     

Ladies and gentlemen, the NPP played significant roles in all these milestone in our electoral history. In summary, the NPP has always stood for a credible electoral system. We believe that the power to choose our leaders is a constitutional right vested in Ghanaians and not a manipulative tool in the hands of some unpatriotic Ghanaians and aliens.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is against this backdrop that we have invited you here this afternoon to hint you on some activities of some unscrupulous individuals in the Western North Region that has the tendency to still taint the credibility of the new register.

Before we proceed, we wish to use this medium to appeal to every Ghanaian in the Western North Region to participate in the voter registration exercise so as to obtain the power to retain the NPP government and elected parliamentary candidates in power. We in the NPP believe that a credible register is a precursor to free and fair elections.

We believe that this exercise by the EC will not disenfranchise any Ghanaian, but rather offer the opportunity to every true Ghanaian to register and exercise his right to vote as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

Once again, we encourage every Ghanaian of 18 years and above and with sound mind, who want the free senior high school, restoration of nurses and teachers trainees’ allowances, NABCO, Cocoa rehabilitation project, and a host of other good policies of the Akufo Addo’s government to continue for the betterment of our nation Ghana to register at a registration center near them and get the power to vote for the NPP and H.E NANA ADDO to give him four more years to do more.

For us in the Western North Region, we cannot disappoint the President for giving us our own region. The massive projects undertaken by His Excellency in our very young Region cannot be overemphasized. A brief account of the projects include the model SHS at Awaso, construction of Enchi-Elubo road, Benchema Junction-Adjofua road,  construction of warehouses across the region, construction of regional administrative offices across the region, tertiary education scholarship to about 1,000 of our tertiary students, rehabilitation of our cocoa farms, to mention but a few. The only we can ensure the completion of these projects is to register and vote massively for the NPP and H. E. Nana Addo.

Let us register and vote for the NPP to show gratitude to the government and the legislature and we will enjoy greater things. According to Yogi Bhajan: “An attitude of gratitude brings great things.”

Ladies and gentlemen, out of the nine Constituencies in the Western North Region, five share boarders with La Cote D’ivoire. These Constituencies include: Aowin, Suaman, Juaboso, Bia East and Bia West. Over the years the NDC has been aiding the registration of Ivorians during registration exercises.

These aliens are usually guided through unapproved routes into the country, camped and coached to register. What usually happens is that a house with two or three residents will end up being used by over hundred (100) registrants. This desperate strategy of our major political opponent (NDC) to dishonestly win power through fraudulent means usually led to confusions in these Constituencies.

Ladies and gentlemen, the benefit of holding a Ghanaian voter card goes beyond voting. They use those cards to take advantage of all our social intervention programs such as free maternal care, NHIS, NABCO, YEA etc. In effect, their quest for power through dishonest and unpatriotic means have unsavory toll on the economic architecture of Ghana.

Currently, intelligence gathered at the Regional level is that, the NDC despite campaigning against the compilation of the new register have plans to still infiltrate the new registers with foreigners from our neighboring country even in the face of Covid-19.

Their paid agents have started bringing in aliens through unapproved routes such as Sewum Niwuenti, Bongoso, Boinso, Motoso, Akaatiso, Pillar 34, Tepakrom, Brebre, Plywood, Ahimakrom, Africa, Toryafie, Gyato and many other illegal routes.

Again, the NDC intend to take advantage of the movement plan of the EC  such that whiles the EC will be conducting a registration in one of the phases and has all the attention there, the unpatriotic NDC will illegally be bringing in these foreigners through the idle zones or areas to Ghana so as to register.

Ladies and gentlemen, help us tell our brothers and sisters in the NDC that we in the NPP are not letting our guards down in this registration exercise. We shall resist any diabolic attempt to infiltrate our electoral roll with foreigners whether within or outside. We are sending this caution to them that, they should as a matter of urgency drop that agenda now, because we are well prepared as a party in the Region to resist this with all our might.

The right to vote is an exclusive right of the GHANAIAN and we are not prepared to share this right with any foreigner. The sovereignty of Ghana resides in the people of Ghana and we shall not allow any foreigner to undermine the sovereignty of Ghana through electoral malpractices. The Constitution enjoins every citizen to uphold and protect the Constitution and we encourage our supporters to protect and uphold the Constitution with all our might in this registration exercise.

Again, we are appealing to our neighboring brothers and sisters both within and outside the country not to allow themselves to be used by the incompetent NDC to execute this unpatriotic agenda against the State. In fact, they do so at their own risk. For purposes of emphasis and recollection, the boarders of Ghana still remain closed per provisions of the Executive Instrument (E.I) 64.

Any calculated attempt to enter the Country even through legitimate routes is illegal. We therefore appeal to our security agencies, to help enforce spirit and letter of the E.I. 64.

To conclude, we encourage every Ghanaian to participate in the registration exercise without fear. We also admonish every individual to fully comply with the COVID-19 protocols of the EC at the registration centers to help conduct the exercise fruitfully.

To the opposition NDC, if infiltrating our register with foreigners is their only surest way to winning this election, then they should start preparing their acceptance speech, because we shall resist any such attempt. Ghana deserves best.

Long live Ghana

Long live the NPP


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