Workers should work with passion-BUADAC advices

The Chief Executive Officer of Buadac Group of Companies, Mr Kofi Buabeng Dacosta, has caution Ghanaian workers to have passion for their jobs to boost productivity.

“I entreat all employees working at the government and the private sector to desist from money consciousness and work with passion in building the economy,” he lamented.

However, the CEO expressed his disappointment in workers who portrayed bad attitudes towards their work which he said if continued, will undermine the development of the companies and the economy.

Mr Buaben compared a company headed by a Chinese investor to a Ghanaian investor, saying the Chinese investor always excel because Ghanaian workers comply with their rules and regulations that governed the company.

He feels when this same person gets the opportunity to work with a Ghanaian investor, the person starts misbehaving unless you force them on their duty, which he said it’s so worrying.

He disclosed this on De Beat FM morning show hosted by Pollo Esposito as a bit of advice to workers following the just ended Labour Day celebration.

BUADAC urged the government to change the mode of paying its workers on a monthly salary and adopt a new method, using the wages technique.

“In Ghana, some people get paid off what they have not laboured for because of the fixed salary system we practice,” He said.

He said, if the government go for a wages system whereby workers would be paid according to the number of hours they have worked, Ghanaians would be serious about their duty and work hard to improve the economy.

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