Your greediness and selfishness can’t bring our party down-NPP Members dare Aboagye Gyedu

Some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai of the Western North region have gone tortured on their incumbent Member of Parliament, who doubles as the Regional Minister, Mr. Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu over his alleged regular mafia tactics to relegate candidates who try to contest him in parliamentary primaries.

According to the members, his (Mr. Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu) agenda this time to diabolically eliminate Mr. Alfred Obeng, former BOST MD from the parliamentary primaries shall not prevail. Mr. Alfred Obeng Boateng has already submitted his forms to contest the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai seat.

Some members and executives of the constituency, who are known to be supporters of Mr. Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu have petitioned the constituency executives accusing him (Alfred Obeng Boateng) of violating the party’s constitution.

In their petition letter to the Constituency Chairman, Mr. Appiah Kubi accused him that he had reputedly set up his own ‘Constituency Executive Committee’ to work on the other side with the elected executives of the party in the constituency. 

They also accused him of busing delegates from the constituency to his residence in Kumasi and other charges which is against the party’s constitution of Article 4, Clause 7(e).

In view of this, some other party members have also registered their sentiments on the said allegations. They claim that the NPP is not for one person, and wouldn’t allow the greediness and selfishness of an individual to bring the party down.

They added that Mr. Aboagye-Gyedu is doing whatever he can to create division among the party members. 

They finally advised supporters of Hon Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu to defy from those fallible allegations against Mr. Alfred Obeng Boateng or else, even if he (Aboagye-Gyedu) wins the parliamentary primaries they will also let him lose general elections.

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