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Western North residents demand key developments from NPP & NDC Presidential Candidates

Residents of the Western North Region are calling for all citizens to support a list of essential needs that will be presented to the Presidential Candidates of both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The residents insist that the winning party in the 2024 elections must commit to fulfilling these demands to improve the living conditions in the region, which is currently facing significant poverty despite its rich resources.

This call to action was initiated by Dr. Tony Tsina Addai, President of the Western North Development Association (WENDA Ghana).

Dr. Addai emphasized the urgent need for these developments to foster growth and development in the region.

DVLA Office

A DVLA office in the Western North Region would streamline vehicle registration, driver licensing, and roadworthiness testing, making it more convenient for residents. It would reduce the need to travel long distances for these essential services, thereby saving time and resources.

Additionally, the presence of a DVLA office could enhance road safety through better regulation and monitoring of vehicles and drivers.

National Service Registration Office

Establishing a National Service Registration Office would facilitate the mandatory national service enrollment for graduates within the region.

This office would ensure that graduates do not need to travel far to complete their service registration, thus promoting efficiency and convenience. It would also help in coordinating placements and addressing service-related issues locally.

Shopping Centre

A modern shopping center in the region would boost local commerce, provide employment opportunities, and offer residents access to a variety of goods and services.

It would serve as a commercial hub, attracting both local and external businesses, and contribute to the economic development of the Western North Region.


An Astro-Turf would provide a high-quality, durable surface for various sports activities, encouraging physical fitness and sports development among the youth. This facility could host local and regional sports events, fostering community engagement and talent development. It would also help reduce injuries associated with playing on uneven or hard surfaces.

Cocoa Processing Factory

A cocoa processing factory would add value to the region’s abundant cocoa production, creating jobs and boosting the local economy. By processing cocoa locally, the region could benefit from increased export opportunities and the establishment of ancillary industries. This would also empower local farmers through better prices for their produce.

Rice Processing Factory

With the establishment of a rice processing factory, the region could maximize its rice production, reduce post-harvest losses, and increase local consumption of processed rice. This factory would provide employment and contribute to food security, while also promoting the Western North Region as a significant player in the rice industry.

Aluminium Processing Company

An aluminium processing company would utilize the region’s natural resources, create jobs, and drive industrial growth. This company could produce aluminium products for both domestic and international markets, fostering technological advancements and contributing to the overall economic development of the Western North Region.

Chocolate Company

Setting up a chocolate company would enable the region to process its cocoa into finished products, adding significant value. This would not only create employment opportunities but also position the region as a key player in the chocolate industry. It would promote local entrepreneurship and encourage the development of related industries.

Cutlass Manufacturing Company

A cutlass manufacturing company would support the agricultural sector by providing essential farming tools locally. This would reduce costs for farmers, create manufacturing jobs, and stimulate the regional economy. The availability of locally produced cutlasses could also enhance agricultural productivity.

Regional Hospital

A regional hospital would provide comprehensive healthcare services to the residents of the Western North Region. It would reduce the need to travel long distances for medical care, improve health outcomes, and serve as a training ground for medical professionals. A well-equipped hospital could also handle emergencies and complex medical cases locally.

Regional Theater

A regional theater would serve as a cultural hub, promoting the arts and entertainment within the Western North Region. It would provide a venue for local talent to showcase their skills, host cultural events, and attract tourists. This facility would enrich the cultural life of the community and support the growth of the creative industry.


A stadium would enhance the region’s sports infrastructure, allowing it to host large-scale sports events and attract sports tourism. It would provide a venue for local teams and athletes to train and compete, fostering a sense of community pride and encouraging youth participation in sports.


Establishing a university in the region would provide higher education opportunities locally, reducing the need for students to relocate. It would promote academic excellence, research, and innovation, contributing to the intellectual and socio-economic development of the region. A university would also attract students and faculty from other areas, fostering diversity.


A polytechnic institution would offer technical and vocational education, equipping students with practical skills for the job market. This would address the skills gap in the region, support local industries, and drive economic growth. The polytechnic could collaborate with businesses to provide hands-on training and create employment opportunities.

Ultramodern Library

An ultramodern library would provide access to a vast collection of resources, including books, digital media, and research materials. It would serve as a center for learning, research, and community activities, promoting literacy and education. The library could also offer programs and services to support lifelong learning.

Ultramodern Recreational Center

An ultramodern recreational center would offer various facilities for sports, fitness, and leisure activities. It would promote a healthy lifestyle, provide a venue for community events, and enhance the quality of life for residents. Such a center could also attract visitors and boost local tourism.

Ultramodern Sports Complex

An ultramodern sports complex would provide state-of-the-art facilities for various sports, supporting athlete development and promoting physical fitness. It could host regional and national sports events, fostering community pride and engagement. The complex would also provide training opportunities for aspiring athletes.

Any of the Security Depot/Barracks

Establishing a security depot or barracks in the region would enhance safety and security for residents. It would provide a base for security personnel, improving response times to emergencies and deterring criminal activities. This presence would contribute to a sense of security and stability in the region.

College of Agriculture/Technical

A College of Agriculture or Technical College would provide specialized education and training in agriculture and technical fields. This institution would support the region’s agricultural sector, promote innovation, and enhance technical skills among the youth. It would also contribute to food security and industrial development.

Regional/General Post Office

A regional post office would improve mail and parcel services, ensuring efficient communication and logistics within the Western North Region. It would facilitate business operations, support e-commerce, and enhance connectivity. The post office could also offer financial and government services, serving as a multipurpose facility.

Regional Warehouse

A regional warehouse would support local businesses by providing storage solutions for goods and raw materials. It would reduce logistics costs, improve supply chain efficiency, and support the agricultural and industrial sectors. The warehouse could also serve as a distribution center, enhancing trade and commerce in the region.

Vocational Training

Vocational training centers would equip individuals with practical skills in various trades, supporting employment and entrepreneurship.

These centers would address the skills gap, promote self-reliance, and drive economic development. Vocational training would also enhance the region’s human resource capacity, supporting local industries and businesses.

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