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Spotlight on Sammy: A Multifaceted Advocate for Western North Region

Meet Samuel Osei Kokro, a dedicated student teacher at Wiawso College of Education who is pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Science and ICT. Beyond his academic pursuits, Sammy is an IT expert, ICT trainer, and facilitator. His passion for technology and education extends into his role as a blogger, brand influencer, and social media activist.

Sammy’s commitment to his community is evident through his involvement as the Manager and Administrator of the Western North Development Association (WENDA).

He also serves as the Marketing Director for Sefwinews, Public Relations Officer for the Western North Youth Development Association and holds the position of Head of ICT at WENDA. In addition, Sammy actively promotes events as the Promoter for PBK Event Hub.

Notably, Sammy is the current Student Representative Council (SRC) General Secretary for Wiawso College of Education. His leadership and dedication to his peers make him a respected figure on campus.

Residing in Bibiani, Sammy has become a prominent advocate for the Western North region. Through his various roles and platforms, he tirelessly works to promote and uplift the region, showcasing its unique culture, opportunities, and potential.

Sammy’s multifaceted contributions to education, technology, community development, and youth engagement make him a true asset to the Western North region. His passion and dedication serve as an inspiration to others, and his impact continues to be felt across various spheres.

As we recognize Sammy’s outstanding efforts, let us celebrate his commitment to making a positive difference in the Western North region. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of this remarkable advocate.

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