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Championing Development beyond Political Lines – Meshack Nkrumah writes

Sports Dr, Angel Fm, Accra.

In the vibrant landscape of Ghanaian politics, the quest for development often gets entangled in the web of partisan allegiance. As an advocate for progress, my journey has seen me labeled both an NDC and NPP supporter.

This labeling, however, misses the essence of my advocacy. My allegiance has never been to a political party but to the development of my constituency, my region, and my beloved country, Ghana.

When I voiced my demands for development, many were quick to brand me an NDC supporter. Now, as some of these demands are being met, albeit incompletely, and I update my followers on the progress, I am suddenly an NPP supporter.

This dichotomy is not only simplistic but also a reflection of the challenges faced by journalists and advocates in maintaining objectivity. The failure to understand that one can support progress without subscribing to the politics behind it is a significant barrier to genuine national development.

Regardless of which party holds power, my stance remains consistent. Should the NDC come to power, my calls for development will not waver. If the NPP continues its tenure, my advocacy will persist. My support is not for a party but for the individuals and policies that drive tangible improvements in our communities.

Take, for instance, the commendable work of Festus Bumankama Agyapong in Sefwi Wiawso constituency. I support him not because he chose me, but because of the positive changes he is effecting.

Politics should transcend mere promises and evolve into practical problem-solving. Buma happens to be my brother, and this personal connection gives me the privilege to hold him accountable.

If elected, I can engage him directly, ensuring he remains true to his duties. Yet, my relationship with him does not exempt him from criticism. If he fails, I will be the first to call him out, because my commitment is to the people, not to a political figure.

This stance is not a betrayal of impartiality but a commitment to the kind of objective, results-oriented advocacy that Ghana desperately needs.

Too often, the hunger for development is manipulated by political rhetoric, leading to misplaced loyalties and missed opportunities for real progress.

Understanding the moments to criticize and the moments to appreciate is crucial. Blind allegiance to any political party, without holding them accountable to their development promises, does a disservice to our communities.

My call to my fellow Ghanaians is simple: support development wherever it comes from. Demand results from your elected officials, irrespective of their party affiliations.

Let our collective hunger for progress drive us to a future where development is prioritized over politics. Whether you support NDC, NPP, or any other party, remember that our ultimate goal is a better Ghana.

Vote for leaders who demonstrate a commitment to development, and hold them accountable. Let us champion development beyond political lines, ensuring that our support is always for progress and not for political expedience.

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