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Chief of Agyemadiem reshapes Essakrom-Agyimadiem road

Nana Kofi Donkor II, the Chief of Agyemadiem in the Juaboso District of the Western North Region, has initiated efforts to improve the woeful state of the Essakrom to Agyiemadiem road.

The objective of this initiative is to comprehensively enhance the navigability of the road, addressing the pressing concerns of residents and significantly improving their transportation experience within the community.

This crucial route connects various farming communities, including Dome, Afofiekrom, Maame Dora, Damoafuo, Sayereso, and Agyiemadiem.

Over the years, the lamentable state of the road has presented substantial difficulties for transportation, especially among the residents in the vicinity.

Nana Kofi Donkor II (Chief of Sefwi Agyemadiem)

Speaking to the media, the Chief of Sefwi Agyemadiem, Nana Kofi Donkor II, expressed that the road’s deteriorating condition had reached a point where the predominantly farming residents were finding it challenging to transport their agricultural produce to nearby markets.

Additionally, he highlighted that drivers had refrained from using that particular route due to concerns about potential damage to their vehicles.

Consequently, he expressed a firm commitment to gathering resources in order to temporarily improve the road, making it more accessible for the residents.

The Chief expressed deep concern for the well-being of the residents, citing a recent tragic incident where a pregnant woman lost her life due to the unavailability of transportation to a nearby hospital.

While taking proactive measures to alleviate the immediate challenges, Nana Donkor II urged the government, specifically the Juaboso District Assembly, to expedite permanent solutions for the road.

Having communicated the urgency of the situation to the District Chief Executive for Juaboso and the Member of Parliament, Nana Kofi Donkor II remains hopeful that collaborative efforts will be initiated to address the road’s longstanding issues.

Applauding the Chief’s proactive approach, some drivers and residents praised his initiative and urged the government to step in and provide assistance.

They called on authorities to ensure that the contractors responsible for the road project promptly return to the site and complete the necessary improvements, providing a lasting solution to the challenges faced by the community.

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