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Mahama’s Nat’l Women’s Dev’t Bank will reduce poverty among WN Women – Sam Jerome

As the 2024 elections draw near, political promises are intensifying, especially from the leading parties, the NDC and the NPP. While Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia continues his campaign, former President John Mahama is focusing on transformative policies aimed at nationwide development.

Among Mahama’s ambitious proposals is the creation of a National Women’s Development Bank, designed to empower women economically and foster entrepreneurship.

This initiative, announced by John Mahama, is aimed at providing a sustainable funding source for women across Ghana, particularly targeting those involved in farming and small-scale trading.

The bank promises to offer low-interest loans, enabling women to expand their businesses and achieve economic independence. This move has garnered significant attention, especially in regions like Western North, where economic hardships have been exacerbated by current government policies.

Sam Jerome, the Western North Communication Officer for the NDC, has expressed strong support for the National Women’s Development Bank.

He highlighted the plight of women in his region, many of whom are farmers and traders, struggling under the weight of economic challenges.

“As a Sefwi born in the Western North region where predominantly we are farmers, the realization of this promise will help reduce poverty amongst our women. Most of the women in the region are engaged in farming, trading and petty trading. These have basically been the sources of livelihood of our women.”

He criticized the economic policies of the Nana Addo/Bawumia administration, which he claims have led to the collapse of numerous financial institutions, thereby cutting off crucial funding for women-led businesses.

“Quite unfortunately, our women have been subjected into excruciating poverty due to the draconian economic policies of the Nana Addo/Bawumia government which have affected business in general, most especially cocoa farming in the region.”

“These policies have led to the collapse of several financial institutions which were hitherto providing funding to our women in trade. The effects have been dire in the Western North, pushing our mothers and sisters into poverty. Access to funding has become a major problem causing most to lose their trade.”

Sam Jerome believes that Mahama’s proposal will be a “sigh of relief” for women in Western North.

“However, the promise of HE John Mahama to set up a National Women’s Development Bank comes as a sigh of relief to our gallant women in the region.”

“This will obviously afford them the opportunity to have access to softer loans at a lower interest rate to be determined by the bank. This indeed will help the resuscitation of their trade, causing an increase in income level thereby reducing poverty.”

He further urged women in Western North to support John Mahama in the upcoming elections, stating that the realization of this promise hinges on his victory.

“It is an undeniable fact that our hardworking mothers will make the best out of this promise and better their lives once again. The support which they’ve given to our fathers all these years will be inked by this singular promise of HE John Mahama.”

“I am by this humbly appealing to our wonderful women in the Western North region to register in their numbers and vote massively for HE John Mahama to ensure the actualization of this life transforming promise.”

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