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Samuel Kwagyire seeks re-election with proven achievements in Bibiani New Town Electoral Area

As the current Assembly Member for New Town Electoral Area in Bibiani, Samuel Kwagyire, affectionately known as Sir Pkay, has not only fulfilled but exceeded the expectations of his constituents through a series of transformative initiatives in education, health, sanitation, employment, and social intervention.

As he seeks re-election, Sir Pkay highlights his notable achievements that have significantly improved the lives of the community members.

Education Initiatives:

Establishment of Adienkye Basic School: Sir Pkay’s foresight led to the creation of Adienkye Basic School, providing a foundation for quality education within the electoral area.

Self-Help Project on Adienkye School: Under Sir Pkay’s leadership, a self-help project was initiated to enhance the infrastructure of Adienkye School, fostering a conducive learning environment.

Provision of School Desks: Recognizing the importance of comfortable seating for students, Sir Pkay ensured the provision of school desks to improve the learning experience.

Provision of Street Lights to Schools, Including Bisec: Safety was prioritized with the installation of street lights in school areas, including Bisec, contributing to a secure educational environment.

Joint Construction of Water Closet Toilet for Bibiani Presby Basic School: Sir Pkay facilitated the collaborative effort to construct a modern water closet toilet at Bibiani Presby Basic School, addressing sanitation needs.

Scholarships for Some Students: As a commitment to promoting education, Sir Pkay provided scholarships to deserving students, enabling them to pursue their academic goals.

Health and Sanitation Initiatives:

Provision of Hand Sanitizer: In response to public health concerns, Sir Pkay distributed hand sanitizers to individuals and schools, promoting hygiene and disease prevention.

Provision of Noise Marks: Aiming for healthier living conditions, noise masks were distributed to individuals and schools, contributing to noise pollution reduction.

Construction of Mechanized Borehole at Bibiani Market: Access to clean water was enhanced with the construction of a mechanized borehole at Bibiani market, addressing a crucial health need.

Communal Labour within the Electoral Area: Sir Pkay led communal labor initiatives, fostering a sense of community involvement and addressing various local needs.

Renewal of Health Insurance Card: Ensuring continued access to healthcare, Sir Pkay facilitated the renewal of health insurance cards for community members.

Health Screening and Health Talk: Regular health screenings and informative health talks were organized, empowering the community with essential health knowledge.

Employment Initiatives:

Assistance in Employment: Sir Pkay played a crucial role in assisting community members in gaining employment in both public and private sectors, contributing to economic development.

Data on Graduates and Artisans: A comprehensive database of graduates and artisans within the electoral area was created, facilitating targeted support and opportunities.

Assistance for National Service Placement: Graduates received ongoing support from Sir Pkay to secure special placements for their national service, easing their transition into the workforce.

Social Intervention Initiatives:

Construction of Mechanized Borehole at Adienkye: Addressing water scarcity, Sir Pkay oversaw the construction of a mechanized borehole at Adienkye, benefiting the local community.

Embarking on Speed Ramps: Sir Pkay initiated the construction of speed ramps to reduce accidents on roads within the electoral area, prioritizing the safety of residents.

Construction of Mechanized Borehole at New Town: New Town saw the installation of a mechanized borehole, ensuring a reliable and accessible water supply.

Provision of Street Lights: Enhancing safety and visibility, street lights were installed in various locations within the electoral area.

Construction of Borehole at Roundabout: The roundabout now features a borehole, providing a convenient water source for residents in the vicinity.

As Sir Pkay seeks re-election, his impressive track record of tangible accomplishments speaks volumes about his commitment to the well-being and progress of the New Town Electoral Area-Bibiani.

Samuel Kwagyire urges his constituents to consider the positive impact of his initiatives and support his continued efforts to drive positive change within the community.

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