Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sefwi Boinzan Divisional Stool summons Aboboyaa chiefs over road blockade order

The chiefs of Sefwi Boinzan Divisional Stool in the Western North Region have swiftly responded to reports of a road blockade orchestrated by the chief, assemblyman, and queen mother of Sefwi Aboboyaa against Nana Ofori Ahenkan II, the divisional chief of Sefwi Boinzan in the Juaboso District.

Concerned about the disruption of public transport, access to essential services, and an alleged assassination attempt, the Sefwi Boinzan chiefs have summoned the Aboboyaa chief and others to address the matter.

The Sefwi Aboboyaa chief and his counterparts reportedly ordered their community members to block a major road due to grievances over unmet demands from the divisional chief after his visit to inspect his farms and other projects in the area.

This action caused significant inconvenience to commuters and raised safety concerns, leading to intervention by the Juaboso District Police to clear the road for the divisional chief’s passage. There were even reports of a potential physical attack using cutlasses and sticks.

In response, the Sefwi Boinzan Divisional Stool, led by Nana Bedebu Assaw, the chief of Sefwi Abono and Kontihene of Sefwi Boinzan Stool, held a press conference calling for the Aboboyaa chief and others involved to explain their actions.

They emphasized the importance of resolving grievances through peaceful means, emphasizing the need to maintain peace, order, and unhindered movement within the stool land.

The Aboboyaa chief and his group have been given a two-week ultimatum to appear before the Divisional Stool to address the issues.

Some chiefs have voiced their concerns regarding the actions of the Sefwi Aboboyaa chief, the queen mother, and the residents for opposing their divisional chief.

Nevertheless, they are anticipated to meet the chiefs and other community leaders to address underlying issues and prevent future disruptions in the area.

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