Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024

”Stay away from destroying trees planted in Bibiani”- Chief warns

Aduana Abusua Panyin, Nana Kwame Naana, acting as the Krontihene to Nana Ngoah Anyimah Kodom II, the chief of Bibiani, emphasized the imperative need to protect trees planted within the precincts of the Bibiani government hospital and other strategic locations.

The concern stems from a disheartening trend of wanton destruction observed in Bibiani, particularly targeting the trees that were meticulously planted around the Bibiani government hospital and other strategic locations.

Nana Kwame Naana expressed dismay over such uncivilized behavior, emphasizing that the senseless act of felling these trees runs counter to the commendable efforts invested in their cultivation.

“It is disheartening to witness the senseless demise of trees that were meticulously planted for the betterment of our community, These acts of sabotage hinder our progress and must be vehemently opposed.” He remarked.

Furthermore, Nana Kwame Naana debunked any notions of competition in the realm of developmental efforts, affirming that the paramount goal is the advancement of Bibiani.

He clarified, “Our chief, Nana Ngoah Anyimah Kodom II, harbours no rivalry in the pursuit of Bibiani’s prosperity. We must unite in our endeavours for the greater good.”

The gravity of the situation was highlighted as Nana Kwame Naana revealed the staggering statistics: six thousand trees planted last year, with an additional four thousand slated for this year.

However, the need for replanting to replace those lost to deliberate destruction remains a pressing concern.

In tandem with these efforts, Abusuapanyin Nana Kwame Naana II, speaking on behalf of Nana Ngoah Anyimah Kodom II, emphasized the necessity of collective action in nurturing a verdant environment conducive to communal well-being.

He called upon NGOs, the media, traditional authorities, and all well-meaning Ghanaians to rally behind the cause of tree growth in Bibiani.

“Trees are the lifeline of our existence, They provide oxygen and contribute to our overall quality of life. Let us join hands in replenishing and safeguarding them for the benefit of present and future generations.” he added.

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