Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024

Akontombra MP calls for removal of taxes on medical and educational supplies

The Member of Parliament for the Akontombra constituency in the Western North region, Alex Tetteh, has fervently called for the removal of taxes on essential medical and educational supplies in Ghana.

The MP’s plea follows widespread appeals from Ghanaians, urging the government to abolish taxes on imported medical supplies intended for free distribution to disadvantaged health institutions and patients.

The current taxation system, characterized by hefty taxes and high import duties on medical equipment and consumables, has been cited as a significant barrier discouraging humanitarian aid organizations from sending crucial supplies to the country.

In an interview with Pollo Exposito on the DBDB show aired on De Beat FM, the Member of Parliament for Akontombra emphasized that such taxes hinder the efforts of global aid organizations, which often provide essential medical resources to Ghana.

Alex Tetteh, who also serves as the Sompahene for the Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Area, highlighted the reliance on international donations for medical supplies.

Drawing attention to the reliance on international donors for medical supplies, he revealed his personal involvement in donating 3000 medicines to various districts, including Akontombra and Juaboso, through collaborations with institutions like the Peace and Love Hospital.

“The government purchases medicine from outside the country, so if we have free donors, why should we burden them with taxes before clearing medical supplies? This principle should extend to education supplies as well,” Alex Tetteh remarked.

He further urged the new Health Minister, Dr. Okoe Boye, pending approval by Parliament’s vetting committee, to introduce a directive aimed at removing taxes on these essential supplies to facilitate their smooth entry into the country.

Furthermore,  Alex Tetteh discussed the recently launched performance tracker, a government initiative designed to transparently showcase the utilization of funds allocated to developmental projects across various districts.

He emphasized that the tracker enables Ghanaians to monitor how government funds are being utilized for ongoing and completed projects.

Addressing criticisms from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleging a lack of government development initiatives, Alex Tetteh highlighted how the performance tracker has prompted acknowledgments from NDC supporters regarding the commencement of certain projects.

He concluded by elaborating on the functionality and significance of performance trackers in ensuring accountability and transparency in government spending.

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