Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Assemblyman outlines remarkable achievements as he seeks re-election

The Assemblyman for the Asuogya-Kokokrom electoral area in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality, Ebenezer Nyame, affectionately known as Abeiku, is gearing up for re-election, armed with a robust record of accomplishments during his tenure.

Ebenezer Nyame highlighted the substantial progress witnessed in the electoral area, attributing the success to his active involvement in the Municipal Assembly.

Key sectors such as education, sanitation, markets, and infrastructure have experienced significant improvement under his leadership.

Among the notable achievements, Ebenezer Nyame proudly announced the construction of a market shed for the electoral area, providing a conducive space for local traders.

Additionally, he has overseen the construction of concrete bridges in Nsuokrom and Kunziso, relieving pressure on residents and enhancing transportation in the region.

In collaboration with philanthropist Anelka, Ebenezer Nyame championed the construction of an ultra-modern toilet facility for Kokokrom, addressing sanitation needs, and a mechanized borehole to ensure a sustainable water supply for the community.

The road infrastructure did not escape his attention either. The Omanhene Newsite road has been reshaped, promising smoother transportation for residents.

Further demonstrating his commitment to education, plans are in place for the construction of a one-unit classroom block for Nana Biney Basic School.

Looking forward, the Assemblyman is seeking support for the construction of a health facility in the electoral area, aiming to enhance healthcare accessibility for the community.

In addition to these infrastructure projects, Ebenezer Nyame emphasized his dedication to community engagement, regularly organizing get-togethers for orphans and widows.

Highlighting his efforts in employment generation, Ebenezer Nyame disclosed that a minimum of 25 individuals secures employment opportunities annually at Suhuma Company Limited, a timber firm in Sefwi Dwenase.

According to him, this initiative plays a pivotal role in fostering both economic growth and stability within the community.

As he seeks re-election, Ebenezer Nyame appeals to the residents of Asuogya-Kokokrom to continue supporting his vision for a prosperous and well-developed electoral area.

His track record showcases a commitment to improving the lives of the people he serves, making a strong case for his candidacy in the upcoming elections.

Ebenezer Nyame is now seeking for re-election to continue lobby for the establishment of many projects.

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