Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024

BVR theft: NDC Regional Chairman warns EC against electoral malpractice

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Western North Regional Chairman, Michael Aidoo, has issued a stern warning to the Electoral Commission (EC) regarding electoral malpractice in the wake of the recent theft of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits.

Expressing deep concern over the disappearance of the BVR kits from the EC’s headquarters, he urged for immediate action to address the issue and ensure transparency in the electoral process.

In an interview with Kwame Kentor Boateng on Lord Fm, NDC Western North Regional Chairman emphasized the importance of a thorough investigation into the theft to maintain the integrity of future elections.

Michael Aidoo called upon various stakeholders, including the Peace Council, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and the leadership of the nation, to join in demanding an independent and unbiased inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the theft.

He stressed that without a comprehensive examination of the incident, the credibility of the electoral process could be called into question.

Micheal Aidoo underscored the necessity for all parties involved to prioritize the principles of fairness and transparency in electoral proceedings.

He emphasized that the upcoming elections must be conducted freely and fairly to uphold democracy and ensure the will of the Ghanaian people is accurately reflected.

“The recent events surrounding the theft of the BVR kits cast a shadow of doubt over the electoral process. It is imperative that we take swift and decisive action to rectify this situation,” Micheal Aidoo remarked.

He further cautioned against any attempts to manipulate the electoral system, stating, “The sanctity of our democratic process must be upheld at all costs. Any form of electoral malpractice will not be tolerated.”

Michael Aidoo affirmed the NDC’s commitment to vigilance and urged supporters to remain steadfast in their dedication to ensuring a transparent and just electoral process.

He called for unity among Ghanaians in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral system and reiterated the party’s stance on promoting peace and stability in the nation.

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