Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024

Ghanaian-German Family alleges years of harassment by German Police 

In a troubling account of alleged discrimination and mistreatment, the Jewel family, a Ghanaian-German couple with young children, has come forward to share their experiences of over five years of harassment by German police authorities.

Speaking to media outlets in Ghana, Jewel recounted harrowing experiences of mistreatment and injustice at the hands of law enforcement authorities in Germany.

Jewel detailed an incident where he and his family were forcibly removed from a hotel, despite having paid for their accommodation.

He described how police officers intervened at the behest of the hotel owner, resulting in their belongings being tossed out. The family, including young children, was left stranded, raising questions about the conduct of the police.

Furthermore, Jewel narrated a disturbing encounter with police officers during a routine traffic stop.

He stated that after inadvertently running a red light, he was subjected to excessive force, including being handcuffed so tightly that he sustained injuries.

Moreover, Jewel disclosed that he was beaten by eight police officers, highlighting the severity of the mistreatment endured by his family.

Shockingly, He revealed that the officers forcibly took his blood under the pretext of conducting HIV tests, leading to further physical and emotional distress.

The underlying motivation behind these actions, according to him, appears to stem from racial prejudice and discrimination against mixed-race couples.

He asserted that the authorities harbor animosity towards their relationship, attributing the mistreatment to envy and disdain for their interracial union.

The ordeal for Jewel reportedly began five years ago when he traveled to Germany from Ghana to reunite with his elder son from a previous marriage to a Ghanaian woman. 

He also expressed frustration over his ongoing legal battles to maintain contact with his son, stating that his ex-partner misled German authorities to restrict his access to his son since 2019.

Despite proving his innocence and demonstrating that the mother of his child had betrayed him and become pregnant by another man, he has been met with resistance from German authorities.

Expressing frustration over the prolonged injustice, he highlighted his efforts to seek recourse through international channels, including reporting the matter to the International Court for Justice in the Netherlands.

However, despite his persistent pursuit of justice, Jewel lamented the lack of resolution and the continued suffering endured by his family.

These allegations shed light on the challenges faced by individuals of diverse backgrounds in navigating legal systems plagued by systemic biases and discrimination.

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