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MP champions Youth Mentorship in Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Constituency

The Member of Parliament for Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Constituency, Alfred Obeng-Boateng, has organised a mentorship seminar aimed at preparing and empowering the youth for a brighter future.

The event, held on October 14, 2023, at the Church of Pentecost in Sefwi Bekwai-Low Cost, brought together over 850 youth aged between 17 and 25 years-old.

The “Approaches Youth Empowerment Summit” with the theme “Becoming A Great Person In Future” was aimed at preparing the youth to become future leaders and empower the young generation for their future prospects.

Alfred Obeng-Boateng (MP, Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Constituency)

In his address, Alfred Obeng-Boateng stressed the significance of human resource development in every nation and the vital role of youth in national development.

He urged the youth to be ready to assume leadership roles, highlighting that investment in youth and their preparation is essential to prevent future regrets.

The Member of Parliament warned against the consequences of failing to invest in the youth and prepare them adequately. He succinctly noted that this neglect may result in the lamentable realization of the adage, “Had I known.”

Alfred Obeng-Boateng went on to stress that while physical infrastructures hold their significance, the conscious development of human resources should never be underestimated.

Drawing from the psychological development theories of Eric Erikson, he explained that each stage of life comes with unique demands and achievements. Handling these stages well leads to a sense of mastery, while mishandling them can result in a sense of inadequacy.

Alfred Obeng-Boateng also addressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle, encouraging participants to exercise regularly and avoid engaging in immoral activities that could lead to the contraction of diseases like HIV/AIDS.

He encouraged the young participants to embrace a set of qualities that are essential for personal growth and success. Among these qualities, he emphasized the importance of humility, which fosters a sense of modesty and the ability to learn from others.

He also stressed the significance of respect, not only for others but for oneself, as it forms the foundation for healthy and harmonious relationships in both personal and professional life.

Hard work, another quality he highlighted, is the cornerstone of achievement and progress, emphasizing the value of dedication and diligence in pursuing one’s goals.

Furthermore, Obeng-Boateng urged the youth to develop strong social skills, as these abilities play a crucial role in effective communication and building lasting connections with others.

He committed to dedicating 20 percent of his income to bolster mentorship programs and entrepreneurship initiatives aimed at enhancing the local economy.

Pual Andoh (MCE, Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai)

On his part, the Municipal Chief Executive for Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai, Paul Andoh emphasized that times have changed, and it’s essential to recognize the importance of involving the youth in progress.

He stressed the need for swift, intelligent, and targeted investment in the youth to develop the municipality.

He believed that the youth’s active participation in lectures would create an environment where everyone adheres to a common culture of excellence.

The MCE encouraged the youth to focus on their life goals before the age of 30, as having a clear vision helps in planning and prevents future regrets.

Additionally, he warned and urged the youth not to shield criminal elements disrupting the peace of the municipality and praised the Member of Parliament for introducing valuable initiatives in the area.

Some of the beneficiaries of the mentorship seminar appreciated the efforts of their Member of Parliament in preparing them for a brighter future.

They left the event with a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact on their community and the nation.

Meanwhile, the “Approaches Youth Empowerment Summit” is scheduled to take place in three additional locations, namely Chirano, Anhwiaso, and Bibiani.

Accompanying the MP were several notable figures, including Badu Joseph (NPP Constituency Organizer), Solomon Kwame Boamah (Ellections and Research Officer, Christiana Donkor (Women’s Organizer, Peter Tanyah (Nasara Coordinator), Ibrahim Mohammed (Deputy Nasara Coordinator) and Ben Ali Seaman, who serves as the Chairman of the Council of Patrons.

Additionally, the entourage consisted of Gordon Oppong, the President of Friends of Approachers, Osei Koranteng (Communications Officer) and Ben Kumi, the Deputy Organizer.

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