Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024

Youth of Sefwi commend Dr. Bawumia’s Message of Hope Restoration

Section of youth of Sefwi have extended their profound gratitude to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, for his recent visit to the Western North Region, during which he delivered a message that has reignited hope among the populace.

Henry Adu Mintah, representing the youth of Sefwi Asafo, expressed deep appreciation for Dr. Bawumia’s commitment to the region’s development.

“Your promise to provide an AstroTurf for the people of Sefwi Asafo is not merely about laying down a field; it’s about nurturing the dreams of aspiring footballers who once felt their aspirations were out of reach,” remarked Mintah.

The assurance to sustain the payment of teacher and nursing trainee allowances, as well as the pledge to enhance the Free SHS and TVET programs, has particularly resonated with the youth of Sefwi.

Mintah highlighted the struggles many faced due to financial constraints, preventing them from pursuing further education. “Your unwavering support for these initiatives has not only kept hope alive but has empowered countless individuals to pursue their educational aspirations,” Mintah added.

Amid criticisms of the Free SHS program, Henry Adu Mintah emphasized its tangible benefits to the less privileged. “Double track may have its detractors, but for us, it’s a lifeline. It’s better to have access to education through double track than to have no access at all,” he asserted.

Mintah also acknowledged the ongoing provision of teacher and nursing training allowances, which has provided critical support during challenging times.

“Even those who did not directly benefit from Free SHS are reaping the rewards of your administration’s commitment to uplifting the disadvantaged,” he noted.

Henry Adu Mintah pledged the unwavering support of the youth of Sefwi, promising to mobilize both young and old to vote overwhelmingly for Dr. Bawumia and his administration in the upcoming December 2024 elections.


We the youth of SEFWI commend Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, for his assurance message during his visit to the Western North Region which has restored the hopes of the youth of Sefwi.

Your promise to provide   AstroTurf for the people of Sefwi Asafo will help nurture talented footballers in the area who initially had no hope for the future.

Your reassurance to continue paying teacher and nursing trainees allowances and improve Free SHS and TVET has kept the hopes of the poor in the area who want to continue their education alive.

Many of us could not attend SHS due to financial constraints, others also dropped out of school to allow siblings to continue due to limited funds to cater for the education of large families.

Today, if the naysayers are chastising its benefits to the ordinary people, on behalf of the less privileged children in Ghana, I say we are grateful to you and your boss Nana Addo. In the least, double track is better than the so-called progressive free education which no one has testified for ever being a beneficiary.

Even people who did not benefit from Free SHS continue to enjoy your restored teacher and nursing training allowance in these difficult times.

We see you as a God-given person who always desires to help the poor and the needy. We promise to work tirelessly to mobilise the youth and the aged to vote massively for you, come December 2024 to continue your good works.


Henry Adu Mintah (Tombrown)

Rep. Youth of Sefwi Asafo

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